Monday, December 15, 2008

No darlin'. You do NOT look familiar to me.

This is what you find recorded on your laptop when you leave your 11 year old alone in the car with your laptop for a few minutes while buying cheese at Grocery Outlet. All I can say (besides the apple obviously doesn't fall far from the tree) is thank goodness I had a child with XX chromosomes instead of the other kind.
Because I am a little terrified to think about kind of terror I might have unleashed upon the world and what I might've found saved on my computer had she been born a boy instead.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Back from my Vacation

Whales Head Beach, Brookings

Sorry...I was on vacation from the Best Boyfriend in the World blog for awhile. It was the holidays, after all.
But I'm back.
Today I took a 3 hour walk on the beach with the best boyfriend in the world. We took several walks on the beach over the weekend, actually, and those walks inspired some of the best conversation I have ever had in my entire life.
Although he's a pretty amazing guy already, those walks, and the byproduct - the conversations - brought us both to a deeper understanding of each other and our relationship.
We've had some rough spots lately, mainly discovering some differences in our conflict management styles.
But we also both understand how incredibly lucky we both are to have met the person that is just RIGHT for each other. And I personally feel....well...I hate to say this, because it sounds so, so, SO Jerry Maguire, but this man completes me.
He tames me (ask anyone who knows me. I needed to be tamed).
He fills up my emotional bucket.
He takes everything I have to give, and he gives back to me.
We both realize that this relationship is special, it's a one-of-a-kind, and it's worth fighting for.
Well, to be more accurate, it's worth learning new conflict management techniques for.
One of my friends asked me last week if the honeymoon was over.
Well, yeah, sorta.
Except that this weekend we sorta went on our 2nd honeymoon. So we're probably even more pathetic and gushy than ever.