Monday, January 19, 2009

Space Cowboys

Heard in my living room, yesterday, approx 11:30am:

"Zhoo Zhoo!! Zhoooooo! I got you! I got you with my 
P-38 Space Modulater Transmogrifying Laser Ray Gun!"

"Vweeeeem! Vweeeem! No way! I'm sucking the energy out of your gun with my Meteor Space Oxygen Sucker! You're toast!"

He was running around with an orange foam rod dartgun (without any foam darts) and my new shower head and massager attached by a hose, holding one end up to his face (replacing his oxygen supply, of course), pointing the other end at her. She was decked out in a blue bandanna, black cowboy hat, blue LED glasses without the lenses, and a toy pistol (as well as the energy sucking device), chasing him around the living room, through the kitchen, past the dining room table and back through the hallway into the living room again, occasionally shouting, "We're Space Cowboys!"

I don't think she even knows who Steve Miller is, which just makes it twice as adorable that she must think she came up with that term all by herself.

Separated by 32 years in age, but equal on the playing field, my space cowboys. 

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